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He was arrested, charged with intent to cause fear of violence and criminal damage, and released.

But by the Monday night, a psychiatric team had come to his flat, and he was sectioned. "The whole thing's a conspiracy." After appearing at the Old Bailey in October 2002, he received a £500 fine and a 12-month community rehabilitation order. In June 2003, after several months in and out of hospital being treated for depression, Ant found himself once more in a secure ward.

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When he got out, he moved in with aspiring actress Heather Graham (following previous relationships with Amanda Donahoe between 19, and Jamie Lee Curtis in 1983), but when that relationship fell apart he moved back to London - and the attentions of yet another stalker. He is currently working on some "very personal" new songs, for an album with the projected title Fist in the Skull. "When you have to go to the Old Bailey," he says, "that's a different ball game.

They're the big stakes." He's more impressed by Michael Jackson, with whom he appeared at the Motown 25th Anniversary special.

The gorgeous dandy highwayman and swashbuckling pop pirate behind such original and inventive number-one hits as Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming had lost his looks. I don't have a problem with that."He sounds by turns lucid and weary, the result, perhaps, of the medication he's taking for depression.

So is Ant, responsible for some of the most arresting images in pop, uncomfortable about being seen? Some things he instantly recalls, others he doesn't remember at all.

It was one of the station's most-watched programmes that year.

"It was quite a heavy thing to do," he says of the documentary.

When Adam and the Ants emerged during punk, they were reviled for their S & M imagery, and Adam became the whipping boy of the press, who regarded him as inauthentic.

In 1980, Pistols manager Malcolm Mc Laren lured the original Ants away to form Bow Wow Wow, who borrowed Ant's brainwave - a Burundi-drum approach to rock rhythm.

"No, this is just fitting in with my timetable," he says. His cover version of Neil Diamond's America, a charity record for the New York fire-fighters, doesn't ring any bells, nor does his 2002 single Big Trouble, a snippet of which was played by Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 2.

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