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Just because another black women wears her straight often does not mean she has a perm or relaxer. If I was a white person, I would probably be thinking "this is what I am talking about" laughing at how we are "fighting" and bringing out the gloves over questions about our hair. I just want to say I've lived in the Midwest and the west coast and my experience has been the opposite of the comments.

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White girls prefer dating black men Yahoosax

This is what makes the relationship a little bit spiced up.

They know that black girls are committed to their partners and that when they are sure that they have found the right men, they take this relationship seriously.

They can find a home remedy for almost any illness and what is even more important, they will do their best to help their man get back on his feet as fast as possible.

Age gap dating should not prevent white older guys from dating black young women because as you can see there are many different things that make these two groups of people compatible for each other.

According to some white older guys who have been dating black young women for a while, it doesn’t take much to please a black woman.

Just like most women out there, regardless of their race or ethnicity, they just want to feel real love and they need to be nurtured and appreciated.

It is always a nice change to have someone stand up for you from time to time, and white older guys know that.

They certainly want their partner to protect them, but they are not afraid to provide protection when needed.

Age gap dating is nothing new, but have you ever wondered why some white older guys prefer black young women?

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