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The lack of an interviewer means web surveys suffer from less social desirability bias than interviewer-administered modes.

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Survey researchers employ a variety of techniques in the collection of survey data.

People can be contacted and surveyed using several different modes: by an interviewer in-person or on the telephone (either a landline or cellphone), via the internet or by paper questionnaires (delivered in person or in the mail).

Although some of the fixed costs associated with landline surveys are not duplicated when a cellphone sample is added (such as programming the questionnaire), other costs are higher (data processing and weighting are more complex in dual-frame surveys).

Cellphone surveys are more expensive because of the additional effort needed to screen for eligible respondents.

Most cellphones also have caller identification or other screening devices that allow people to see the number that is calling before deciding to answer.

People also differ considerably in how they use their cellphones (e.g., whether they are turned on all the time or used only during work hours or for emergencies).Interviewer ratings of respondent cooperation and levels of distraction have been similar in the cell and landline samples, with cellphone respondents sometimes demonstrating even slightly greater cooperation and less distraction than landline respondents.Related publications The number of surveys being conducted over the internet has increased dramatically in the last 10 years, driven by a dramatic rise in internet penetration and the relatively low cost of conducting web surveys in comparison with other methods.Research has shown that as the number of adults who are cell only has grown, the potential for bias in landline surveys that do not include cellphone interviews is growing.Cellphone surveys are conducted in conjunction with a landline survey to improve coverage. In addition to the issues associated with sampling cellphones, there are also unique challenges that arise when interviewing people on their cellphones.We discuss these types of surveys in the following sections and provide examples from polls that used each method.

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