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This bathmate review is based on my own experience using it.Im not a professional writer so apologies in advance if my review isn’t “polished” enough.

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Bathmate is just one of those products that, once you buy it, you just use it. I recommend every guy who wants a thicker penis to buy one.

It works faster than air pumps do, and the results become permanent over time.

I used that pump for probably 6-8 months religiously with the occasional weekend or long work day off.

I gained 3cm in girth and almost 1.5cm in length in that time. Longer if I had coffee, since that caused some shrinkage for me and I usually tried to offset that.

Im going to review the bathmate x30 and x40, as they are the exact same pump, minus the size.

There is also an x20 version now too, for smaller guys – this review applies to that model as well for the same reason.

They hyped up the new valve, softer pelvic bone padding, bla bla..

I bought the x30 in blue, it was delivered in under a week.

My girth gains I talked about earlier, it was 1cm of permanent girth expansion. Im not complaining, I think any size increase is worthy of the effort required to achieve it.

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