dating myers briggs - Updating firefox in ubuntu

My RAM memory is a little low, just under 500 MB but I do not got any othet memory sticks today. My RAM memory is a little low, just under 500 MB but I do not got any othet memory sticks today.

The Ubuntuzilla project is a python script that allows the user to install the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Sea Monkey, and Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu Linux.

It also works on other Linux distributions that are derivatives of Ubuntu.

If you say y, next time you will be promt to upgrade firefox when update is available. HTH However Firefox can also be upgraded using system upgrade depedent method.

At the end it asks for checking Firefox update frequently.

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and got Firefox ver 3.6.3 in the installation.

Now I want to update it to newest version for the security aspect. I'm new to Ubuntu, I have always used Windows so it's new to med.

How can I replace the old version of firefox on my ubuntu with the newly-downloaded? First of all, you may run into a false message from a webpage asking you to update flash when running linux because, although linux flash still receives security updates from adobe, our flashplayer is stuck on version 11 or 12 point something whereas all apple and windows users are using version 18 or 19.

I checked the old version: [email protected]:/usr/lib/firefox$ which firefox /usr/bin/firefox [email protected]:/usr/bin$ whereis firefox firefox: /usr/bin/firefox /etc/firefox /usr/lib/firefox /usr/bin/X11/firefox /usr/share/man/man1/firefox.1I'm not very familiar with linux system. is it a symbolic link which link to the Firefox executable in /usr/lib/firefox? You can safely ignore these messages and some of these messages have actually been linked to malware in the past so be very careful my friend on what you click on and trust nobody.

It's used by many popular websites, including You Tube and Hulu.

However, because of license restrictions on this program's distribution, Ubuntu cannot include Flash automatically.

About Firefox but on when I visit few sites a pop-up appears at top of the browser window that asks me to update my current browser since it has become outdated.

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