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Sugacam is an online video chatting community for chatting with hot and sexy girls across the moegle who are on the platform of the Sugacam.

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In both cases they were doing the same thing I was--checking out the technology and grateful to have an intelligent discussion with someone equally curious about Chatroulette.

Images you might not want to see Unfortunately, I also saw some things that I didn't find particular appealing, including a few men who were touching themselves while the camera focused on their genitals.

For men looking to chat with other gay, bi-curious and straight men, try the gay chat feature. This chat site is for other chat rooms like omegle unmonitored cams, nudity is allowed, and there are plenty of categories to explore. Anyway, i Meetzu is the only site I know of that has both text and video options to choose from.

This website requires users to register themselves before using their service.

There was a time when I advised parents to avoid letting their kids use a computer with a Webcam, but many computers, including most laptops, now have them built-in.

If you are concerned, about your kids' use of a Webcam, you might want to contact the PC maker to find out how to disable it.

If you click "allow," you'll see your picture in the bottom box. If you don't strike up an immediate conversation with the first person you see, you can press Next to go to the next person--kind of like spinning a roulette wheel.

In my case, mostly what I saw were the heads of young men and as soon as they saw me, they apparently clicked Next because they were gone in a second.

The site has a disclaimer saying it's for users older than 16, but unlike most sites with age restrictions, it doesn't ask users to enter a date of birth.

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