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I had also cut my teeth on VHS repair during those years when the machine had eaten the movie and my daughter would break out into tears. My heart breaks when I think about what everyone has gone through in this difficult situation: The family and friends of Steven Myers, The Sheriffs Department and all of the deputies, the EMS crews and the people of Sun City and Barber County - all wanting answers.Well, I didnt sleep because I knew the words to every song, "Be our guest! I wear so many hats at times: newspaper, bondsman, lawn mower, janitor....

I didnt really care and started flipping until she yelled, "Beauty and the Beast! I clicked it and expected to be asleep within a few minutes. With each court filing, I try my best to put it into plain English so that you can process it.

It was a 2 hour movie redone recently on the basis of the Disney cartoon that from 1987-2008 I had watched more than 100 times with my daughter Breeann. Every motion, memorandum or rulings are just small pieces of a complex process that our community must go through to get to the end.

She did deserve to get away from me for a little while. I actually got up, grilled some steak and made jalopeno poppers wrapped in bacon and even roasted sweet potatoes. And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on..." and so-on. At one point Belle had to leave the Beast and rescue her father. " Dear God, this is not a sensitive moment Im having is it? Maybe it was a combination of both, but I was choked up and sobbing a few times. It was the thought that I still had 1 hour and 45 minutes of this to go! The back and forth of motions, responses, petitions and the grueling slow grind of the legal wheel is often maddening.... Our society has one of the finest judicial systems in the world, if not the best.

This stuff was on its 5th day by the time she needed to get out of the toxic relationship. By Sunday morning, I was feeling like I was over the hump. Seriously, I thought about how cute Breeann was as a little girl always wanting to watch Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid. If not understood, on the outside, it looks like a cluster of unorganized chaos.

" She knew just how hard and how much to push my buttons before I would either snap or laugh. So far, shes picking things up and is figuring out the routine.

But seriously folks, Jess has been great to work with and I wish her the best of luck! I dont expect her to get a Pulitzer anytime soon, but with some practice, shes going to be a great addition to The Gyp Hill Premiere. Along with Bree, we get our Granddaughter Baylee for half the day in the office.Today my job is simply to present you with the most current information, without inserting my opinion.I hope I do that, while honoring this process of law.I miss those days at the Index and I miss those folks I worked with. One day several years ago Doris found a snippet my dad wrote in February of 1976, "I have been toying with the idea of starting a personal column for the Index for the past three years," he wrote.Dad was also "toying around" with the title KWICK KWIBS, Jr. It was just the flu, but it felt like much worse than H1NDeath-whatever-it-was.... I thought maybe Ronda was going to put a pillow over my head, but she didnt want to be anywhere near me.

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