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Looking further afield, it would take only 30 minutes to reach the moon (considerably quicker than the 61 hours and 56 minutes Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 took). The scorching 1377C heat that would be too much for any other object will be nothing for the Parker Probe’s four and a half inch thick carbon-composite heatshield.

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Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus spent the weekend together in New York and are already acting like an old married couple.

The pair were spotted on Sunday perusing art for sale and picking up groceries as they enjoyed a low-key day together.

She wore her long hair tied back into a ponytail and sported her favorite pair of tortoiseshell-framed sunglasses.

Megyn Kelly had some very little shoes to fill on Monday during her appearance at the NBC upfront presentation.

Meanwhile, Affleck's ex Garner was spotted looking up beat as she enjoyed a stroll near her home on Monday.

The 45-year-old showed off her gym-honed figure in skintight black leggings paired with a pretty patterned sweater.

The network's newest star was seen strutting her stuff as part of the NBC News team in a pair of silver ankle-strap sandals from Manolo Blahnik that retail for 5, and seemed to be putting her feet in a bit of distress.

The four-inch heels looked stylish but were so small that her small toe did not appear to fit into the sandal on one side, and could be seen busting out from under her toe strap.

A spokesman for NASA said: “We don't do this just for the basic science.

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