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Similarly, a number of amphibians are endemic to the Western Ghats and the area has become a hotspot of discovery of new species of frogs in the last decade.

The Western Ghats is a continuous stretch of mountain range (except for a 30 Km at the Palghat gap).

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The other rock types include granitegnesis, charnockites, leptynites etc.

The Western Ghats are also a rich source of number of ores such as the iron ores.

The narrow plain between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea is known as the Konkan coast.

A number of rivers arise from the Western Ghats and either flow westwards and drain in the Arabian Sea or flow eastwards and drain into the Bay of Bengal.

The approximately 50 million population in this hot-spot exert tremendous pressure on its approximately 1,60,000 km2 of land area and expectedly lead to tremendous pressure on the forest area for agriculture, plantations and perennial crops.

In fact, the Western Ghats has the highest density of 260 people/km2 among the hot-spots.

Covering approximately 1,40,000 sq km, these mountains are home to number of endemic plants and animal species.

These hills are interrupted at Phalgat with a gap of about 30 km (Palghat gap).

About 60% of the Western Ghats is in the state of Karnataka.

The Western Ghats stretches to Sri-Lanka which is separated by about 400km from the Indian Mainland but the present website right now offers information mostly on the Indian part of the mountain hot spot.

In 2006, India applied to the UNESCO MAB for the Western Ghats to be listed as a protected World Heritage Site.

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