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(Cool.) “When you said you got a new phone, I thought, Ugh, that hooker got the i Phone 6.” —A friend who knows me too well. Or I might be busy, or maybe I’m a sociopath — who knows! My brother, who insists on asking me questions, devises a system for me to use: 1 for yes, 2 for no.

“What’s the point of me texting you if you aren’t even going to answer,” a friend asks/demands. I’m going to say yes, mostly because people are way too impressed with anyone who isn’t an i Phone zombie these days. At that party, I excuse myself to go make a phone call — I refuse to T9-type directions to my friend.

We’re on a string of group texts and I’m not doing my part and eventually they just stop including me. It’s annoying to not be able to transfer funds immediately, or use Google Maps, and I miss a number of appointments because I don’t have my trusty i Phone calendar. But I have to say, the week has made me a better person. For once, I wasn’t the asshole scrolling through Instagram during hang-out time. I’d like her to show up before the end of the night.

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Check on the list who is currently online and just call him using Skype, MSN, ICQ or Yahoo!

Whats App has launched a new feature that lets you prioritise certain conversations over others.

As its name suggests, pinned chats lets you pin up to three contacts and groups to the top of your Whats App conversation list.

Two-thirds of the dinner party turns to look at the girl who’s just taken her phone out to check a message. The self-imposed rules: I allow myself to use my lame old i Phone as an i Pod, because if I have to listen to the lullaby of the C train I’ll go crazy. Fuckin’ cool.) “This would be cooler if you’d never stopped using your flip phone.” —A frenemy. Cool.) “I’m in Japan right now and tons of people are using flip phones. There is no Google Maps, so I’m always kind of lost. Here is a photo I took of a scenic vista while on vacation with my flip to illustrate the misery: But there really are a number of perks to the “dumb phone.” The aforementioned battery life is truly amazing — I only have to charge it once a week. Everything is far more efficient as long as people answer their phones.

For the sake of this experiment, I attempted to switch over my i Phone entirely, but doing so would have caused me to lose my unlimited data plan with AT&T. Instead, I purchased a burner phone with no data plan, so all I can do is call, text, and occasionally play Tetris or snap a photo. not cool.) “I don’t know if it’s your dress or that flip phone, but you seem cooler today.” —A co-worker. T9 might have been advanced when I got my first phone in middle school, but now it’s just slow and clumsy. When a “friend” chooses to text me the first several pages of The Great Gatsby, followed by the complete lyrics to “Where’s the Party At” by Jagged Edge, and it all arrives in about 40 separate messages, I want to murder the world. The i Phone might be the symbol of a desperate striver, but its camera is a godsend.

So a few weeks ago, after reading this Medium essay heralding the flip phone as the phone of cool girls, I decided to give smartphoneless life a shot. So cool.) By Tuesday I am officially a “dumb-phone user,” except I’m so cool now that I don’t need labels. Obviously, there are still some technological difficulties.

I hear it’s the best camera.” The girl passes it around with a shrug and offers a few low-key Luddite excuses for her embrace of new and exciting technology. Rad.” Does the hipness of the flip represent a rebellion against mindless i Phone addicts? ), the idea of something that allows me to communicate but can free me from the attention-prison of a smartphone is enticing. A Pew study revealed that 9 percent of American adults don’t use smartphones, including 15 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds and 13 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds. My flip is four days old and things are going great.

Everyone is shocked that someone had a sexual encounter followed by conscientious human interaction and not “Thx” with an accompanying eggplant and donut emoji. I’m not only flip-phone-level cool but flip-phone-level kind and flip-phone-level mature. “But we decided, it’s not even about the flip anymore,” she says, tossing her hair.

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