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"I have always been part of a family with a great appreciation for the arts." This high regard for theater also gives her a respect for the intricacies — and imperfections — of humanity.

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"Lady Mae sees herself as the real queen of this church dynasty," says Whitfield, who recognizes that there are lessons to be learned from the Greenleaf script.

"I think water seeks its own level, that we go through challenges to become better.

Blessed Dating Chronicles will be filled with all of the lessons I have learned from dating missteps, mistakes and second and third chances at love.

It is a single mom’s journey of intentional dating to ensure her future husband gets the favor he was promised in Proverbs .

As of this writing, 83% of the island is said to have power restored.

Akon says he could've restored the island's power months ago -- within 30 days of the disaster.

A Brooklyn woman was minding her own business riding the R train when she fell asleep.

As she woke up, she saw a pervert masturbating in front of her.

Stay tuned as the ladies talk love, life, careers, and the recent misfortunes in Whitfield’s hometown Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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