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You are the owner of yourself, don’t let the media plays with you, at the end, this is your country, and we are all Syrians, but the media has their own agendas and they are all pressured and directed by lobbies.” Dayem replied, “Thanks for the advice, but a friend is helping and he’s a lobbier” Danny describes his “political views” on Facebook as: “I think we should live peacefully like a fish”.However, he is certainly involved in helping and supporting the terrorist militia of the so-called “Free Syrian Amy”, who have conducted many terrorist attacks upon public and private entities including orchestration many explosions of oil pipelines bringing blackouts to large parts of the country, suicide attacks in Damascus and Aleppo and hung and beheaded many supporters of the government who spoke to observers from the Arab League.You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook where we have a big following.

There are a few things you should know to get you started. Web site has two parts: the Site (which is what your site visitors see) and the Administrator (which is where you will do a lot of the site management).

You need to log in to the Administrator separately with the same username and password.

There is a link to the administrator on the top menu that you will see when you log in.

You can edit articles in the Site by clicking on the edit icon.

Es uno de los actores mas queridos del medio, principalmente por su capacidad de poder cambiar de voz.

Es un popular actor de doblaje, teniendo la cualidad rara vez vista de interpretar tanto a niños como a adolescentes u hombres jóvenes.

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When Dayem was in London, a conversation happened between him and other Syrian youth on Facebook where he was told: “be careful Danny, the news channels are using you, this is their job, and they search for people like you to make some interviews!

Like a dating site, Misstravel only provides a platform for people to create profiles and communicate.

The generouses include "Young CEO4U" who claims to be 27, worth between 0,000 and Like a dating site, Misstravel only provides a platform for people to create profiles and communicate.

At 05.15 during his interview with Paxman, Dayem claims he told officials at the airport that he had a kidney operation.

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