Great sphinx of giza carbon dating

Although it is a bleak, barren, desert landscape now, 12,000 years ago Göbekli Tepe was an area of abundant plant and animal life, a hunter­gatherer’s paradise.

Göbekli Tepe is also an area where early domestication and agriculture took place, more or less contemporaneously with the use of the structures over several thousand years.

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Farming was time-consuming, back-breaking labor that yielded relatively poor nutrition.

As God said to Adam, after he ate the forbidden fruit that the serpent convinced Eve to taste, “Accursed be the soil be­cause of you.

I duly noted that very ancient and sophisticated remains have been found as such sites as Jericho and Çatal Hüyük, but admittedly these examples do not include megalithic constructions comparable to the Great Sphinx.

The Sphinx seemed to sit in splendid isolation, with no cultural context.

Perhaps this was a meeting place, a site where different clans and tribes gathered to celebrate.

Did each of the approximately two dozen stone circles belong to a different tribe?In November of 1994, the first issue of Atlantis Rising was published.The cover story of that issue, “Breaking the Si­lence,” featured an interview with John Anthony West on the re-dating of the Great Sphinx.West and his colleague, Boston University geologist, Dr.Robert Schoch, had looked at the evidence of water weathering on the Sphinx and its surroundings and produced a powerful geological case that the monument must be, at a minimum, 7,000 years old, and is probably much older.The Sphinx, if indeed it dated so far back, appeared alone, isolated, with no solid context so very long ago. Enter evidence from other quarters that high culture dates back at least 12,000 years.

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