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But that’s your choice and I support your ability to make that choice.

I also support the concept that you don’t want to be alone for a long time – that love is important and something worth having immediately. Here’s where we seem to part ways: I’m a reality-based dating coach.

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Believe it or not, some guys out there have weird pregnancy fetishes, or they see being pregnant as a bonus because if they do sleep with you, they can’t get you pregnant if you’re already pregnant. One plus about being pregnant is that there usually isn’t any question about what you want to eat .

I’d love to hear your thoughts about dating while pregnant.

One man asked me on our first date if I was interested in having more children, which, considering my condition, I didn’t think anything of at the time because I thought we really clicked and I was into him. OK, so there is one downside to being pregnant while dating, especially if you’re dating someone new during, say, the third trimester. All in all, if you find yourself flying solo during pregnancy, it’s safe to say that you can date, and there isn’t a shortage of men out there who are willing to give you a chance despite your current situation.

However, in retrospect, I should have put the brakes on right there to save myself some serious heartache a few weeks later, as he ended up breaking things off, saying things were “going too fast” for him. And speaking of “going too fast,” if you decide to have sex with someone while you’re pregnant, make sure that you use protection—finding out you got a sexually transmitted disease not only would be really embarrassing but also could put the baby’s health at risk! .” And you can totally request a trip to that new, hip cupcake food truck; snow-cone stand; or the place with super-huge and elaborate milkshakes with zero guilt! First of all, when you are on a date, practically everyone you see is going to assume that you’re together and made the baby together, so you might want to be prepared for that. At some point, you might cough, sneeze, or laugh and simultaneously pee yourself a little bit (which panty liners do help with, just saying . .), or your water could break, and pregnant women can also be quite . There is no reason for you to sit around for a few months feeling sorry for yourself when there are plenty of decent men out there—and even if a date doesn’t work out romantically, you might find yourself with a really cute, new friend.

I am already accustomed to being a single mom, and I always wanted a 3rd child, a dream that I thought I had to give up on when my husband left.

I’m 44 and 2 months into the pregnancy and so far, everything is smooth sailing.

As a Solo Mom who is currently in a surrogate-pregnancy situation, I thought I was at peace with being alone for the next few months, as I had recently gone through a divorce and then what my friends jokingly called a “quarter-life crisis.” The next thing I knew, a coworker introduced me to a dating app called Tinder, and I figured, What the heck.

No one would be interested anyway, but swiping left and right looked fun, so I decided to give it a shot.

So, very much like this blog post where I expressed deep sympathy for the reader but couldn’t easily see a path to success, I wish you the best of luck, but would think your love life should (and will) take a backseat until your youngest is in preschool and you will be a single mom who is a perfect fit for a single dad in a similar situation.

He started dating Khloe Kardashian in May 2014 before they split months later in December.

That caused a few men to suddenly drop off the face of the earth, but ultimately, it also saved me from the hassle of meeting up with a guy who would be in shock for the remainder of our date . (And that would have left me mortified in front of an entire restaurant! Sure, there are plenty of open-minded men out there, but remember that you are going through a pretty intense stage of your life and he had nothing to do with how you got there.

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