Dating thirties consolidating car loan and credit card

You’re not alone, more of us than ever before are taking the plunge and hitting the dating scene after we hit the big three O.

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So, so many of us are finding our true match that little bit later in life.

One of the best bits of my job in Asian matchmaking is meeting wonderful singletons and helping them connect.

Try exploring a dating app or website to meet other singles.

Attend events where you know you can meet other people your age, like dinner parties and gallery openings.

All this means you aren’t going to end up wasting days and months on the wrong person.

You’re Not Alone Ever feel like the world is exclusively populated by happy couples?

I’m here to give you the on dating in your thirties. The ones that you dated because they seemed oh so cool or because you got set up and you thought that was just how Asian dating worked?

By the time you hit thirty, you know yourself better, you know what you want and you know what you don’t want.

The reckless abandon of Tinder dates, kiss-and-tells, embarrassing anecdotes and escaping out of the bathroom window when your date isn’t quite what you expected; well, it all feels a bit sad when you’re looking down the lens of a more serious existence.

The proverbial pool is starting to evaporate, and many of your peers are navigating marriage and parenthood, leaving you wondering if there truly are plenty more fish in the sea, or if you’ve been cast adrift.

I know love strikes after thirty, so don’t stop looking for it.

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