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According to reports, Kuwait plans to introduce a cap on expat numbers in the coming months and restrict them to five years working in the country; it deported 20,000 expats in the first nine months of this year, and has vowed to crack down on an estimated 115,000 believed to have flouted labour and residency laws.

It is therefore no surprise that the latest annual Expat Insider survey compiled by Inter Nations ranked Kuwait bottom out of 64 countries based on the views of 14,300 expats from 195 countries.

Cost comparison website Expatistan calculates that Dubai, for example, is a substantial 34 percent more expensive than Kuwait, based on the relative costs of food, housing, clothes, transport and entertainment – although the website notes the comparison “lacks data and is not yet reliable”.

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Foreign workers currently account for around 70 percent of Kuwait’s total 3.3 million population, according to official estimates. The response from readers to coverage of the Inter Nations survey on Tuesday was revealing.

One commentator, who called himself James, was especially damming.

No worse treatment than I could expect in other or my own country. Savings prospects are fairly decent despite living with a family of five.

Most local people and expats are nice to each other, and decent health, education and housing facilities.” He added: “Public infrastructure is very good. “If you’re a law abiding citizen with a reasonable lifestyle, I think this is a good place to live and work in.

The survey ranked countries according to a range of indicators including leisure options, ease of settling in, travel and transport, and health, safety and wellbeing.

Kuwait ranked bottom for leisure options, personal happiness, ease of settling in, friendliness and finding friends.The only indicators it did not score poorly on were job security and language, for which it ranked 26 and 25 respectively.Inter Nations pulled no punches in its summary of the findings, saying: “Unfortunately, the situation is similarly grim when it comes to overall quality of life [in Kuwait].I have lots of Kuwaiti friends and they are much more civilized than the other GCC nationals.“I have never faced any racism here and have found Kuwaitees very helpful and understanding.Others, such as ‘Sarah’ from the UAE, claimed that living costs were high.

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