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The art of weaving is one of man's most ancient occupations, dating from his desire to have some protection against the elements.Explorations of sites of early Biblical times have unearthed samples of woven cloth dating back to 2,000-3,000 BC.

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Harry was the regular pronunciation of Henry in the Middle Ages, although Henry always appeared in official documents.

From Harry came Harris, mainly found in the south of England, and Harrison, mainly found in the north.

The first Harris arrivals were originally of Dutch extraction, but living in New York state at the time of the American Revolution. His line produced pioneer Baptist ministers and the painter Lawren Harris.

After the war, Myndert Harris took his family to Port Hope in Ontario. John Harris came over in 1821 from Ireland (although of English stock) and settled in Wellington county, Ontario.

A Herries family, dating back to Herbert Herries in 1490, were the lords of Terregles near Dumfries.

Some might think that Harris is a Scottish name because of the Harris tweed which takes its name from the isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides.

This Harris name is derived from the Gaelic , was one of the early settlers of Providence, Rhode Island.

Elisha Harris from this family was the Governor of the state in 1847.

Another John Harris, this time from Devon, built Eldon House in London, Ontario in 1834.

John died soon after; but his wife Amelia lived on for another twenty five years.

The Harris name also appeared in the Channel islands of Alderney and Guernsey, following a family migration from Devon in the 1840's.

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