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It's something that is a part of who I am good or bad..

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Maybe something without but even then I'd feel exposed. Maybe at some point I'll get to where I'll feel ok dating but I don't really know if that will ever happen again. The guy I was dating told me it was because of the age difference, but I get the distinct feeling he just used that as an excuse and didn't want to date someone with genital warts. I haven't even made any effort to date because I'm afraid the same thing will happen. Even if I heard them they wouldn't apply to me anyway. But this is a place to talk so any story's the way i see it..all now have an added filter.

I know this isn't a necessarily uplifting story, but there's at least one person out there that knows exactly what you're going through. certainly it sucks to not have the frivilous option anymore.

there would be less stress about if and when we may have sex again and would give me a different opportunity to re-adjust my sense of self.

personally, i don't know if an std site would be for me.

as you said, i'm not quite sure i'm ready to be the face of hpv.

plus there are likely loads of people who have it on the mainstream dating sites as well.

Can anyone help with some advice or stories of their own? Is there anyone else out there who is dating new people? I started dating someone new and I felt that I had to break it to him early in the relationship.

Either denial that they will think they will be safe with a condom. I'm not going to bring it up though until sex comes into the picture. My doctor told me always where a condom and don't tell someone until u get serious enough to decide to go without a condom. The girl I had been dating when I found out had the shot but was still scared to get it because she said her friend had the shots and still got it from her bf who had it.

Obviously it should be mentioned before things get physical, but where is the line?

But when is the right time to bring up a sexually transmitted disease?

Put your best foot forward and get out and start dating! I figure I might as well use all means necessary to try and find someone! " I don't know, personally, I think the world is too small for that!

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