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The better the prior preparation, the more abundant the graces and the more overflowing the river of peace in your soul!

Following are ten short helps to make the best confession in your life.

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Also, pray for your confessor—to his guardian angel—before you enter the confessional.

One of the classical steps to make a good confession is contrition but also firm purpose of amendment.

Utilize the crucifix and Divine Mercy image to elicit sorrow and trust.

You can try to write down the sins so that you will not forget them once in the confessional.

Many have a “Micro-wave” spirituality—namely instant holiness! Of course a key message from the Diary is that the worse thing possible is to fail to trust in God’s infinite mercy. Paul reminds us, “ Never forget to invite Mary to be present in your remote preparation for Confession, your immediate preparation for Confession.

Even ask Mary to enter with you into the Confessional so that you make the best confession in your life.

This entails rewinding the film of your life and seeing the various falls into sin.

But also to capture what were the preceding causes that led to the sin.

You will notice often a pattern that is established that leads to the slippery path and collapse.

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