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Hi everybody, it has been a long time since I posted and I wanted to put up something fitness related.

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In these cases, machine exercises may be a better option to start training.

For sports training the same advantages of these tools apply, athletes will encounter similar resistance to what they will find in real life on the field. A disadvantage is that these exercises may lack sport specificity where other tools may be better for some training techniques.

Such as using resistance bands to train a martial artists kick.

For bodybuilding and mass gaining constant resistance technology can be very effective.

So at the top of the squat, we are losing some of the benefit of the exercise.

This is also an advantage, as it has been shown that this is how our muscles evolved to work and is a natural type of stress to the body that helps us develop better stabilization strength, and power as well (Hatfield, p. For general population training this will improve a client’s joint integrity through training the stabilizer muscles and also teach them how to move objects in real life better than machines.3) The use of accommodating resistance on extensor movements is particularly effective for added muscle mass and power. Tricep extension variations spring to mind.4) One of the main tools of accommodating resistance – chains, at least in the United Kingdom, are notoriously hard to buy. Contact Watson Gym and read the Men’s Health article to get a 10% off coupon code.This is because it was not just words by Nick Mitchell, but also photos of Rich Phillipps (our female fat loss personal trainer) taken in our own London personal training gym. In fact if you squint hard enough at some of the exercise demonstration photos you can even see a black & white photo of me lurking on a far wall. Anyone who makes the suggestion that it is a B&W shot because they didn’t have colour back in my day will be forever banned from this blog!!All being well the article will inform you about why accommodating resistance is such an important tool for advanced trainees, and if you want to read up on the subject in a bit more detail I have written a more in depth piece (Accommodating Resistance and Weight Training With Chains) that is featured in the training section on the main Ultimate Performance website.Such as, in a squat with a barbell, the weight of the bar stays the same throughout the lift.

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